Friday, April 9, 2010

She will be the life of you

On Thursday nights we go to gymnastics (by we I mean Tater and the turd in her pocket, which is best for everyone because despite the fact that she has a turd in her pocket, because they don't have to see me in a leotard or trying to do feats of gymnastics). 

After gymnastics, we go out to eat (because we don't get out till 7:15 and because I am lazy). This week, we went to Jersey Mike's. When we got there we found out that they no longer have peanut butter and jelly. This is a problem. Because the whole plan was to get Tater a peanut butter jelly sandwich. So, an alternate plan was hatched. Ham...with no cheese (because she told me last week that she does not like cheese) mayo (because again, she told me last week that she does not like mayo), no mustard (guess what I knew that she didn't like that)...she did want lettuce. So lettuce and meet on bread. That was it. And chips. There was a whole list of things that she told me that she did not like, last week. Apparently. I totally missed those memo's. 

Then as Tater is apt to do, she goofed around. She danced in the line. She told me what she wanted and didn't want. And when she dropped her bag of chips, knelt down and said "ohhhh, bummer" 

At point the poor woman behind me who was watching this all go down, says "She is gonna be a handful when she gets older, huh?" to which I answered "yeah, she is going to be the death of me" the response I got, was one of the best ever:

"no, she will be the life of you" 

And honestly, she was exactly right. This crazy, wonderful, handful of a child, will indeed be the life of me. 

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