Thursday, April 8, 2010

And sometimes you just F it all up.

Lets go back in time. Tater was tiny, or so we liked to believe. Really she was probably more like three. We were talking about this case as The Cop was working on it at the time. We thought, in our heart of hearts that we were being obtuse enough that she did not get what we were talking about. Boy were we wrong.

We finished dinner (yeah, we are sick, we talk about this kind of stuff at dinner) and then it was bath time. So, daddy, being the WINNER that he is, gets her ready for the bath (that is his job folks, you know, like cooking dinner) and as we are getting her ready, what comes out of the mouth of our little angel.

"Daddy, don't burn my skin off in the bathtub."


We do that around here. We fail often and when we fail we fail BIG.

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