Monday, December 6, 2010

Here we go a wassailing

Wait,  I don't even know what wassailing is. I do know that every year I search high and low for Christmas cards, ones that I don't hate or even like are few and far between. Probably because I am whiney mcwhinerson. Its how I roll. But, a few weeks ago, I got a shutterfly catalogue in the mail (wait, they have a catalogue, how is it that I never noticed/got a catalogue before...who knew...but that is beside the point). And what was it full of, you might ask. CUTE CHRISTMAS CARDS...WITH PICTURES! Are you kidding me? No. You aren't kidding me. Who knew.

This year, our christmas cards need a little explanation with them, mainly because there will be an extra kid in them. This may shock people. Not only an extra kid, but a teenager. I think they should know that we imported an exchange student, and did not actually just go grab some random teenage boy from the mall, and put him in our pictures. Never mind that this sounds like something I might actually do.

In the past, I have ordered stuff from shutterfly.

There is the calendar I made for George's parents 4 years ago, that is STILL sitting on their coffee table.

There are the coasters that I made for them that were so cute they wouldn't even open them. Yup, still wrapped in plastic.

I also have a really huge calendar in my kitchen that they gave away for shipping last year. That has been the gift that just keeps on giving. (Come on shutterfly, give one of those away again this year, I totally need another one...and free is better than buying, but, if I have to, I am totally buying one).

The other thing I need to order, because I can never find any that I like, PERSONALIZED THANK YOU CARDS. Amelia is great at writing thank you cards (funny at times, like the one she wrote to a friend's mom that said she hoped they had fun roasting weiners on the day of her birthday, we did not have weinie roast at her birthday, she had some friends that missed because they were at their grandparents roasting weinies on the day of her birthday...she don't miss a beat that one).

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