Sunday, September 20, 2009

What I learned today...

A) I am not particularly interesting. I came back over here, after I was prompted to post, because someone found this thing, with its one paltry post, and found it funny. Unfortunately, I am not all that funny, and while I am massively inappropriate, I lack in memory power to get those things from my mouth to blog in any sort of a timely fashion. Perhaps, I should resolve to try and write something each day. Even if its not interesting, or coherent, or funny, or creative.

B) I should keep my face closed when it comes to the interwebz. The interwebz is not be best place to make your position known. Or to try and describe a position. Oh well.

C) All of my interesting stories have to do with Tater. Fortunately, she is full of interesting stories, and learns really cool stuff. Unfortunately, most of it comes out in the ear shattering, pencil through the eye into my frontal lobe, whining tenor of car that needed brakes 3 months ago, and are to the really harsh part of the squealer pads. I have not figured out an effective way to address this. George says ignore it. I say, I CAN'T its like a drill bit to my brain. She will grow out of it sometime in the next 20 years, I hope. Unfortunately, that means that I would have to talk about her all the time, and a certain amount of pride makes me avoid this. By pride I mean, the voice, meek and mild as it is, in the back of my head that says, YOU ARE NOT JUST A MOM! (it shouts it in all capital letters, really).

Most inappropriately, today, while I was out looking at houses, I told George that I would be thrilled to move out of our apartment, because then, the overwhelming urge to smack him, the one that I have so successfully fought, every time he stands in my way, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the living room, in the bathroom, well, basically everywhere, in our much too small apartment would hopefully subside. Probably not wise to verbalize that feeling. But, hey, I can't expect him to be a mind reader, right?

If we are lucky, there will be a need for a first floor, 2 bedroom apartment in our complex, sometime before our lease is up, and we will get to move a bit sooner, I would love to be in something different before Christmas.

What I really wanted to say today, that George made me keep to myself.

Hey, Lady, put down the hoho, get your kids out of the car, and for the love of those children take those stupid stick things with their names on them, off the back. Especially when you have a personalized plate. You know, those stickers that scream, "HEY, Perpetrator, LOOK HERE, I have 3 kids, their names are ..., they got to school at ... (what you think that mr. Perpetrator did not figure it out from the Honor Student Sticker on your car), and mom and dad's names are ..." "Please, go to their school, tell them that mom crashed her van that looks like ... and sent me to help get you to the hospital where they are." Sure, there are no reported cases of this happening, but seriously, do you want to be the first? And its not like Mr. Perp will have to follow you home, because for $10, and without even having to go to any state office (cause we know Perp's don't like the state) he can put your personalized tag in the data base and it will kick out your name, your address, hell, I don't know maybe even your telephone number.

George told me that it was only okay to tell these things to friends. He is a bit of a spoil sport.

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  1. I am the best web stalker ever since I found this and prompted you to start back up. I also think you are very funny, intelligent, and insightful, both in and out of your role as a mom.

    I think that you should write a note to distribute to parents with cutesy, named stick figures on their minivans. Maybe save it on the computer, print off a bunch of copies to keep in the car, and tuck them under windshield wipers anytime you see aforementioned minivans. I don't think Jorge would be in favor of this method, but it could keep some kids from getting nabbed.