Wednesday, September 23, 2009

She is using her children as an excuse...

Throughout my day, there are some people, when I hang up the phone, all I can say is "well, thats 5, 10, 15, 405, minutes of my life I will never get back" when one does not bill by the hour, that is a problem. A certain orange haired litigant decided not to grace us with her presence today for a hearing. And then she will go on and on about how I am both incompetent and arrogant (yes, she called me both those things in one hearing...are they mutually exclusive, perhaps), when I say, "no, sir, I don't believe that the default judgment against her should be lifted. I have no reason to believe that she lied about her kid going to the dr. but really, how many times does she get to use that one. Perhaps I should get her a calendar for christmas. I mean, she is one of the main things that secures my job in the long term, because she is so busy suing the state. No one told her that you can't fight city hall, it appears. 

On to more interesting things, because I am awesome, my child, is currently creating havoc in my home with, of all things, glitter. Why do I agree to this. Last night, it was finger painting, tonight glitter. 

I can tell you exactly why I agree to this, because, it makes her sleep better. Not because its good for her fine motor skills, or because it teaches her anything. But because I value the time that she sleeps. Because it means that I can sleep. To me, that is a valuable commodity. I am not that know the one who gladly gives up sleep to spend a little more time with their child. I was never tempted to wake my sleeping child just to give her a hug. I found out a few months ago, that letting Amelia do an art project in the evenings causes me to have an easier time getting her in bed. So, I sacrifice the wellbeing of my vacuum for the wellbeing of my sleep. I'm okay with that. 

Maybe that makes me a bad parent. 

Really, on the list of things that could potentially cause me to be a bad parent, this is not the worst of it. 

This conversation is probably worse: 

A: Daddy hurt my feelings. 
Me: We should sell him to the gypsies
A: We can't sell him to the gypsies.
Me: Why not
A: Because we would lose him, and he's family, and we don't want to lose family. 

Oh yes, and because you asked, the blue construction paper is not lettuce. Ok, maybe you didn't ask, but amelia did. 

I think that we have a glitter picture on our table for each and every child in her class, and all the siblings too. 

Me: Why don't you put more things on that paper?
A: Because I don't want to. 

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  1. Dude, I don't know what books you've been reading, but letting Amelia do art projects makes you a stellar parent in my book. In elementary school I had friends whose parents were such neat freaks that they pretty much weren't allowed to do anything - AT ALL - if it involved making the slightest bit of a mess. I'm sure art projects are relaxing learning tools that promote imagination and motor skills and all that jazz.

    It sounds like A's next art project should be aforementioned litigant's hair. Seriously? Orange? Someone needs a mirror.