Monday, August 10, 2009

I will start this blog and this post with a hint.

The best time to call your attorney: NOT 4:30. Really, at that point, Court is closed; and you are taking your chances with whether or not there are sufficient brain cells in working order to be able to provide a coherent answer to your query. Of course, I am well aware that you believe that half the words coming out of my mouth are gibberish anyway, but by 4:30, they are no longer legal jargon and really are gibberish.

A typical conversation goes like this:

Client: Blah blah blah (at least that is what I hear) my problems are huge and I obviously require an answer right THIS VERY SECOND (still what I hear).

Answer: I understand this is frustrating for you, I would be happy to look into it and give you an answer in the morning. (Translation: its too close to time for me to go home for me to really care, but I would be happy to turn up the level of my give-a-damn-o-meter first thing in the morning, and give this issue the time and energy that it may (or may not) deserve).

Sadly, most of the conversations at my house go the same way.

Tater: whine whine whine whine (again, what I hear) I require your immediate attention, oh yes, and when I talk over you to tell you I need to talk its certainly not called interrupting.

Mom: Yes dear, I know that you want something, but I cannot possibly hear you when you talk like that, and if you continue to talk like that I WILL find that roving band of gypsies, and I will see if they will take $5 and you with them.


What we have determined by the above, no matter what portion of my life we are discussing, well, I am not a good listener. Its what I do. Sometimes, it comes back to bite me, sometimes not. Personally, I prefer those times.


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  1. You are stinking hilarious. I hope you keep updating this blog!

    Love you!